Close Combat Cross of Iron

Close Combat Cross of Iron 1.0

Close Combat Cross of Iron is a tactical multiplayer simulation war game
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Close Combat Cross of Iron 1.0 is a software tactical multiplayer simulation war game based on the classic Atomic Games series of games and this one emulates the battles of the Eastern Front of WWII challenging the tactical game ability of users.

The game features an enhanced scenario editor which allows players to create their own scenarios as well as battle their way through 12 operations that cover 12 months of the Russian Front Campaign. Close Combat Cross of Iron 1.0 also features accurately depicted WWII squad level warfare; includes 100’s of specialist squads; soldier types; and vehicles and artillery. Players begin by using 26 maps that were not included in the classic version and 6 maps from that version that have been modified to reduce previous problems. Maps, campaign information, mods, etc., are all located in the game’s Command Center. Players take on the role of a junior officer leading his men into battle in real time. Each campaign won earns players promotion.

Campaigns can be fought online through the games multiplayer campaign system. This service features a Campaign Server that players can connect to, to play a Strategic Campaign. There is also a single PC player server. Online, there are campaigns 24/7 on the server, which keeps track of the results of battles that are fought.

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